10-Rules Sapere Aude


10-Rules for Working in the Information Age is an enjoyable and transformative educational experiences for students, their teachers and mentors. Rules helps users understand a number of important issues that arise with the use of computers and computer-based technologies. Rules focuses on the Human Factor; especially what risks and vulnerabilities individuals can create when working with computers.

Jonathan R.


Not hard at all. The program took me just 40 minutes to complete. It had cartoons for every Rule that made it fun. Looking forward to see the Rewards.


Way Cool

This is really, really cool. We enjoyed the material; all of the Rules made sense and we see them helping us in the workplace as well as in college. Computers are the future, so why not know more about how we interact with them.

Jeniffer M.

Will Help Me

I want to get a good job for the summer and feel that this Certification will help. I know it’s going to make a difference for me when I apply for work. It’s very competitive out there and this will help me.

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